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كُتب في كتب إلكترونية إنجليزية بتاريخ 22 أكتوبر, 2010

“The CCNA exam is difficult and I would not have passed it if I did not have this book with me. The CCNA Exam Cram is an indispensable resource that guided me from the introduction of networking fundamentals to the application of networking theories. Whether you need to learn from scratch or just need a quick reference, this book is an excellent guide that will definitely reinforce your knowledge of Cisco networking and prepare you for the CCNA.” –Vincent Gov, CCNA


In this book, you learn how to:

·       Develop perfect fluency in subnetting

·       Connect Cisco® equipment, make initial configurations, and connect to other devices to build a network

·       Configure Cisco routers and back up and restore your Cisco IOS® Software configurations

·       Explain the functions of Ethernet switching and the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

·       Configure PPP and Frame Relay for WAN connectivity

·       Understand and apply wireless LAN concepts

·       Mitigate network security threats and secure network devices

·       Build scalable routed systems using dynamic routing protocols including RIPv2, EIGRP, and OSPF

·       Create VLANs and distribute VLAN information using the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)

·       Filter traffic from one network to another with access control lists (ACL)

·       Understand and implement IPv6

  • Size: 11.5 MB

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